What we offer

- Photographic Reports of Interior and Exterior Architecture, including houses, façades, buildings, gardens, business venues and natural spaces.

Each photo report analyses the type of work depending on its destination, physical features and profile in accordance with the client’s desires and preferences.
We work with natural, artificial and, if required, studio lighting.

For each of these projects a budget will be set based on time, material and travel expenses.

- Photographic Reports of Holiday Apartments directed exclusively to travel agencies, including:

Shooting on site 
Developing, editing (light levels, contrasts, colour, tonal balance) and picture optimization.
Delivery of up to 20 pictures of all spaces (format between 1200pix. and 2400pix.) directed to all kinds of media.
Free transport in Barcelona and its metropolitan area.
Copyrights for their reproduction and publication in all internet media and other audio-visual media.

- Other Services:

Video recording for all types of reports.
Styling and decoration service for apartments, houses and gardens.
Studio photography in cooperation with great professionals and experts on still life lighting.